Shoe care

Shoe Care Quick Guide

To get the longest life out of your new shoes you need to take care of them. Fortunately caring for your shoes is quick and simple! Here’s a few tips:

Keep them clean

Particles and dirt can rub into the material of your shoe and damage it over time. Try using a a shoe cleaner such as the Tarrago Sneakers Cleaner.

Use a leather conditioner

Use a cream like Zorbel Leather Conditioner on smooth leather to protect and nourish the leather and to keep it supple.
A beeswax polish like the Footcom Beeswax Polish works well too, with the added bonus of waterproofing.
Use a soft cloth such as the Woly Polishing Cloth to rub the cream or beeswax into the leather.

Protect with a water and stain spray

It’s a good idea to regularly spray your shoes with a water and stain protector such as Dasco Water & Stain Protector. This can be used on any material and provides protection against water, oil and stain penetration. Particularly useful for suede which tends to stain easier than smooth leather.

For scuffs and scratches

Use a coloured shoe cream with a high pigment content such as Dasco Shoe Cream. This cream also contains beeswax to help nourish the leather.
This can be applied with a soft cloth like the Woly Polishing Cloth.
For a final touch, use a soft brush like our Horse Hair Polishing Brush to work the cream into the leather and bring out its shine.

Use a shoe horn

Always use a shoe horn when putting on your shoes, even if slipping them on seems easy enough. A shoe horn will stop the backs of your shoes from weakening and wearing out quicker. Our Metal Shoe Horn is a durable and compact option.