Incredible comfort from Arcopedico!

Arcopedico Cosmo Black shoes

New season Arcopedico are here! One of our most popular comfort brands and for good reason - once you've tried a pair it's hard to go back to anything else. Read on to learn all about Arcopedico and the tech behind their incredible comfort! 👇


About Arcopedico

Produced in the picturesque Villa de Conde, Portugal since 1966, Arcopedico was created with the goal of revolutionising comfort footwear. Founder Elio Parodi was a natural inventor with a simple theory – footwear that supported the arch, supported the spine. After months of study and consultations with orthopaedists and podiatrists, the Dual Arch Support System was created – an important feature of all Arcopedico even now.

Today the company is led by Elio’s grandson – fittingly named Elio too. Arcopedico has maintained its founders’ spirit of invention over the decades, introducing a number of innovative technologies to keep Arcopedico at the forefront of footwear comfort. Read on to learn more about the technology behind Arcopedico and how it continues to revolutionise comfort! 

Dual Arch Support System

The most recognisable feature of all Arcopedico shoes, the dual arch support system, has won the hearts of Arcopedico faithfuls around the world. This system provides essential support to the foots’ arches and aids in maintaining correct alignment down the spinal column. Wearing shoes with adequate arch support helps to improve the wearer’s posture, gait and alignment, while also helping to reduce symptoms of plantar fasciitis, foot fatigue and back pain.


Exclusive to the Arcopedico brand, Lytech is an environmentally friendly textile that is flexible, breathable and machine washable! Lytech’s ultra-light blend of polyutherane and Lycra allows for amazing softness and moulds to the wearers foot, making it ideal for women with bunions or other foot conditions. Lytech is also 15 times stronger than leather! Lytech is BioCalce Certified, meaning its eco-friendly, vegan, water-resistant, biodegradable, and uses minimal toxic materials in the manufacturing process.

Knit uppers

Arcopedico’s original innovation, the knit line, is crafted with a blend of techno-elastic materials and special nylon knitted fibres that gently envelope the foot. Ultra-soft and breathable, the knit line is built with SanSmell technology to aid in reducing odour and promoting a healthy foot environment. The knit line is also machine washable!

Anatomic footbed

 An anatomic footbed ensures the sole and insole of a shoe follows the natural shape of the foot. Anatomic footbeds help to distribute body weight evenly across the entire sole, instead of focusing pressure on certain points such as the heel or toe of the shoe. This aims to increase comfort and support and helps to decrease the feeling of tired of end-of-day feet.

Breathable insole

All Arcopedico shoes are designed with an ultra-breathable insole that helps to wick away moisture from your feet. This helps to reduce odour or abrasions caused by rubbing and improve overall foot health.

Machine washable

Arcopedico's Lytech and Elstech shoes are all machine washable making them a great choice if you’re on the go or travelling. 

PU sole

Arcopedico’s ultra-light Polyutherane (PU) sole is made up of tiny air bubbles that help to absorb impact while your walk. Wearing shoes with built-in shock absorption is important in helping to protect your ankles, joints and vertebrae from excessive impact, and helps to reduce foot fatigue. PU soles are super durable and grip patterning on the outer sole helps to reduce slippage and provide traction on varied terrains. 

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